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A Healing Environment

Updated: Sep 5, 2018

A Healing Environment

It suffices to say that if you received the proper treatment for an injury, eventually your body would heal. However, what about your mind & how important is the environment that you receive your treatment. Do you look forward to going? Are the individuals you deal with on the days of your treatment people that you look forward to seeing? Or, do you dread having to get up and drag yourself to treatment? And, are the individuals that work at the facility you go to are as dreary as weather is outside?

Our belief is that if the weather is awful outside and there has been no effort at creating a relationship of quality built between you and the individual’s you treat, the sheer thought of leaving the house has already gone south! And we all know that weather alone is not the only interjection when it comes to things getting in the way of scheduled appointments for instance: You’re daughter’s music recital for school, your son’s soccer game or even if you just don’t feel like going to treatment that day. Having a solid relationship and the inviting environment created by the people at the clinic that you’re getting your physical therapy can make all the difference in your attendance. Furthermore, by making all of your scheduled appointments both your healing time & quality of treatment ultimately improves.

Here at Broadway Physical Therapy we believe attitude matters! An uplifting environment can make the difference of completing treatment or falling short thus, raising the chances of possible re-injury. We believe that it’s our ability to care to go above and beyond that creates the kind of positive atmosphere that allows individuals to thrive during this crucial process. To be Frank, it honestly just makes sense!

By Mattias Kasparian

Broadway Physical Therapy - Prior Patient Testimonial

Patient Name: Kacey Harrington

- Pam is amazing! As well as all the staff here at Broadway PT! I was recommended by my physician to 12 places and chose this one based on convenience to my home. I couldn’t be happier with my experience here. After two weeks I feel stronger and more comfortable with walking. I would recommend Broadway PT to anyone that needs Physical Therapy their staff is the best!

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