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Football Season is almost here!

Updated: Sep 5, 2018

It's almost that time of year again..... Football Season. Whether it's pop Warner, high school, college or even professionals football can be a rough sport and lead to injuries. In this Blog we will touch base on the most common.

What Types of Injuries?

There are a number of injuries that can occur with football and we will touch base on the most common in this article. 

1) Sprains/Strains- Sprains and Strains are probably the most common injuries associated with any sport especially football. Sprains are typically involving a joint where as a strain is more involving a muscle group.

2) Breaks or Fractures of Bones- Also a very common injury with contact related sports, fractures and breaks can occur in any area of the body but most common are typically: hand,finger, and leg. 

3) Concussions- You may have read our previous Blog on concussions( If you haven't you should) but Concussions are one of the biggest concerns across football. More and More people are being diagnosed with brain injuries post football which many contribute to repetitive concussions. Concussions typically are caused by contact and create movement of the brain causing trauma.

4) Ligament Tears- Most common ligament tear occurs in the knee with ACL ( Anterior Cruciate Ligament). This typically occurs when the knee is planted and take contact in a posterior direction causing tear of the stabilizing ACL ligament. 

How Do I Treat These Injuries?

1) Sprains/Strains- The best way to initially treat these injuries is R.I.C.E Method.


I= Ice

C= Compression

E= Elevate

This can easily be performed at home to help reduce pain and swelling. For severe sprains more medical attention may be needed such as Physical Therapy.

2) Fractures- Commonly diagnosed with an x-ray a Doctor or Medical Provider will determine if you're ready to perform PT for treatment or if you just need rest. Icing and rest will help with pain and allow time for bone healing as well.

3) Concussions- There are numerous studies and programs out there with various treatments for Concussions. The most common treatment techniques are avoiding bright lights, loud noises, and quick movements as these tend to make dizziness/nausea and other concussion symptoms worse.

4) Ligament Injuries- Depending on the severity of the ligament injury there are various treatment options. If a tear is severe enough a Doctor will perform Imaging and discuss possible surgical intervention. For smaller tears or sprains of the ligaments treatment techniques such as : Physical Therapy for strengthening of the leg muscles and pain reduction is common. 

So whether you see, know, or are someone with a Football related injury always remember to treat it quickly and not wait as symptoms can become worse. Icing is a great first step but always seek further medical advice as Physical Therapy or other Medical options/treatments may benefit you.

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