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How is Rotator Cuff Related to Physical Therapy?

No matter what you do or where you're from at some point in your life you have probably heard the term Rotator Cuff or "Roto Cuff". In this blog we will go over what that is and how it's related to Physical Therapy.

The Rotator Cuff is a group of muscles responsible for helping keep shoulder stability and is comprised of 4 major muscles. Each of which is responsible for a different action.

Supraspinatus: Holds your humerus in place and also helps with elevation of your arm.

Infraspinatus: This muscle helps for rotation of the shoulder as well as extension of the shoulder. 

Teres Minor:This muscle also helps with rotation of the arm and is the smallest of the group.

Subscapularis: The jack of all trades for the Rotator Cuff. This muscle has multiple functions. It helps hold your arm straight, rotate the arm, and also with controlled lowering of the arm. 

What Types Of Injuries Happen? Most common types of injuries with Rotator Cuff are: Tears and Tendonitis. 

-A Rotator cuff tear depending on severity would need medical advice and possible imaging to determine the course of action. Some cases simply performing PT for strengthening can help but in the severe cases surgery is required followed by rigorous PT. 

- Rotator Cuff Tendonitis is usually with repetitive use and is aggravation of inflammation of the tendon. The best course of action with tendonitis is rest, ice, anti-inflammatories and skilled Physical Therapy. 

What Does Physical Therapy Do?

We will use a number of modalities for pain relief, work on improving/regaining full motion of the shoulder as well as performing strengthening Ex's to help regain stability of the shoulder. 

I Think I Need Physical Therapy..... What Do I Do?

1) If you haven't already call your MD so they can determine diagnosis/severity

2) Rest, Ice and Anti Inflammtories

3) Doctor wants you to have PT, and will give you an order for Physical Therapy

4) Find a great Physical Therapist to help rehab and regain function

Here at Broadway PT we have seen many different types of injuries and Rotator Cuff is very common.  We are comfortable with many injuries and would love to be your #1 Choice for Physical Therapy. 

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