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Some Advice On how to Avoid Getting Sick As The Temperature Drops

Some Helpful Tips:

Colds, strep throats and high fevers are all illnesses that students try to avoid, especially during crunch time each semester. With the cool fall weather rapidly approaching, it will soon become more difficult to stay away from such sicknesses.

Most students fall ill during change in temperatures. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as seasons change the human body is more immune to the drastic drops in temperature.

It takes time for the body to adjust to temperature differences in the inside as well as the outside.

The CDC also advises individuals to remember to was their hands to avoid getting sick.

Overlooking this simple gesture is common, especially for those who are under tight schedules.

Eliminating the possibility of catching various bacteria and viruses will decrease the chances of catching a cold, strep throat or even the flu.

Germs recirculate during the fall and winter because people tend to keep doors and windows closed, the CDC said. This is why it is important to remember to wash your hands regularly.

It is also important to get an adequate amount of rest. This can be hard for the average college student, because there is less down time during a typical busy day.

The CDC advises students to set aside time for themselves each day, whether it be an hour or half an hour.

The more time there is to rest, the less likely a student is to be stressed out.

According to the CDC, the more stress on a student, the more likely they are to get sick. Organize your time efficiently so that no worries will arise.

“Take lots of vitamins,” Avoid friends and family members who are sick. Being around others who are sick will only increase your chances of becoming ill as well.

“Get lots of sleep,” “If you’re not feeling well, try not to go out a lot. Chances are you’ll continue to feel worse.” Take care of your body and make sure it gets the necessary nutrients. If you feel yourself getting sick, tend to your needs. Refusing to take care of yourself won’t do any good for your body.

The CDC also recommends that students dress accordingly for the weather. Not preparing to dress adequately may cause more harm to the body and the immune system. When one’s immune system is not protected, it grows weak and is not able to fight off illnesses.

By following these helpful tips and taking care of yourself, you’ll be sure to not get sick as the temperatures fall.

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