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Self Improvement Week –

Much like any other adult American I often find myself searching for that one thing that can help every one of us get ahead, you know what I'm taking about? I'm talking about more time! When chasing ideas for self improvement it is the subject that makes the most sense. Anything that will help you harness the ability to better conserve time, is definitely a good place to start. Also, it makes sense given today's overall work psychology, as companies merge ever closer with technology and we once again, adjust to adapt, we could use every extra second we can get.

I've done this before, and I find that your always able to improve on something, somewhere, somehow. But, instead of trying to focus on everything all at once, I thought I might limit it down to something basic. This way I can improve every other process thereafter.


Self Improvement

Refine your goals. ...

Believe in yourself. ...

Ask for wisdom. ...

Conserve your time. ...

Schedule your sleep..


What I continued to find was, that today's everyday employee always looks towards multi tasking as an overall positive. What I came to realize however, is that time and time again the more complicated the tasks at hand, the less effective my ability to save time and to aptly complete said tasks I had without any errors.

What I decided, was to change my work tragedy all together. In stead of beginning 2-3 sometimes 4 tasks at the same time, I will now always do my best to limit mixing up work that can be completed much faster and more accurately while now being my main focus. I noticed that I usually saved around 15-25 minutes every night. I came up with these numbers by timing myself the day prior and seeing to it that each comparison, regarding work load was always comparable in scope.

Now, not only am I now completing work faster, my work is more accurate and my recall of any changes that I've made have become more streamlined and are much easier for me to remember.

So, after some thought, I've decided that it's no longer self improvement week ,but that there's always room to improve. It's just a matter of self reflection. So, if you've enjoyed this quick look into the last week where I've worked to make some minor improvements on some basic work strategies, than I hope you'll come find out next blog where we will explore another way to improve.

Written by

Mattias Kasparian

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